Wimbledon 2021
Working on behalf of LiveWire Sport I had the privilege of working/covering the entirety of the 2021 Wimbledon Championships. I worked a shift each day of the tournament creating various assets, focused around reactionary pieces live as the matches were happening, preparing templates for the following day or future days of the tournament and other bespoke graphics seen across the Wimbledon social channels throughout the tournament. This was a true dream gig for me as a massive tennis fan.
Order of Play
Order of play template created and updated each day of the tournament in 1x1 and 9x16
Five things to watch
Live reactionary pieces
(created entirely during the matches as they were happening and posted within 15 minutes of match completion)
Sliders and hype pieces
Misc. Templates and Graphics
This was a truly bucket list experience for me and I am forever grateful for the folks at LiveWire Sport for trusting me with this job. If you would like to work with me reach out at mhdesign1991[@]gmail.com
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